Adjustable Cantilever Cubicle

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Adjustable Cantilever Cubicle features a post and rail system, suitable for all cattle types from Sucklers to Jersey cows

Adjustable Cantilever Cubicle is easy to adjust the height and width of the cubicle.

The positioning of the top and bottom support rails prevents walk through, without interfering with the cow’s “lunge zone”.

Zig Zag Neck rail is available as an optional extra. This increases the neck rail height by 150mm and improves the animal’s standing position prior to lying down.

Adjustable Cantilever Cubicles are available in single rows, head to head rows, or directly onto a wall.

Manufactured to the highest level, Various sizes are available to suit the animal size and cubicle bed (5ft 9in, 6ft 3in, 6ft 6in, 6ft 9in, 7ft)

Installation Instructions

Sizes Available:

5ft 9in, 6ft, 6ft 6in, 6ft 9in, 7ft

Cubicle Loop: 60mm x 3.25mm CHS Pipe

Cubicle Post: 76mm x 3.65mm every 8ft-9ft

Cubicle Support Rails: 60mm x 3.25mm CHS

Neck Rail: 48mm x 2.5mm CHS