TruTest EziWeigh7i



TruTest EziWeigh7i Indicator displays live weight gain since the previous session for clear and useful insights into your animal’s performance.

  • Record information against Electronic ID (EID) or visual tags to easily capture and analyse individual animal performance and history.
  • VID numbers can be automatically cross-referenced with their EID match, saving you time and reducing data entry.
  • Efficient information collection with Built-in Bluetooth® wireless connection to EID readers for automatic ID transfer.
  • Proven Superdamp™ III technology captures accurate live animal weights quickly, even for the liveliest animals.
  • Insights into individual animal daily weight gain since the previous session and identify top and poor performers by monitoring and comparing weight gains.
  • Record notes for each individual animal and store up to 100 weighing sessions and 20,000 records.
  • Easily download recorded information with your PC, Android™ or Apple smartphone using Data Link.
  • The highly visible display with a bright backlight is viewable in all conditions.
  • Large and durable keypad for easy data entry.
  • Rugged, waterproof and durable design for tough agricultural environments.
  • Long life and fast charging battery.