SRS2 Stick Reader



SRS2 Stick Reader reads, records and transfers electronic identification (EID) tag information quickly and easily.

  • Reads up to 1,100 tags per minute and with feedback through a vibrating handle.
  • The large, highly readable screen (even in harsh sunlight) clearly displays session count, EIDs and
    pre-loaded Visual Identification (VID) numbers.
  • Storage capacity for 250,000 scanned tags.
  • Reads all ISO HDX and FDX-B tags.
  • Options to display a visual ID for scanned animals and to discard duplicate IDs.
  • Quick access keys for simple navigation.
  • Wirelessly connect with your Weigh Scale Indicator using Bluetooth® wireless technology or other devices up to 980 feet away.
  • Easily download recorded information using Data Link for Windows, Apple iOS and Android.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design for comfortable and safe use over long periods of time.
  • Proven rugged and waterproof design for tough agricultural environments.
  • Long life and fast charging battery.