Sheep Layout A



Sheep Layout A can hold approximately 40-60 animals.

Sheep Layout A can be easily added or taken away from due to its drop-pin system making handling equipment easily connected.

Main Features:

  • All sheet metal is ‘safe-edged’
  • Race-way sides can be adjusted for width
  • Handling equipment is connected with a drop-pin system.
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish


  • 5no. 8ft sheeted hurdle
  • 2no. curved sheeted
  • 1no. 2ft sheeted hurdle
  • 1no. forcing gate
  • 1no. guillotine gate
  • 1no. 2-way drafting gate
  • 1no. race joining frame
  • 1no. sheep sliding hurdle
  • 2no. 2 gates in frame
  • 5no. 8ft heavy duty sheep hurdle
  • 1no. 4ft heavy duty sheep hurdle
  • 22no. 16mm drop-pin