Horse Stalls



Horse Stalls are freestanding and portable for use as horse stables. They are durable and useful for both short-term and long-term horse stables.

Horse stall fronts are the perfect solution if you are looking for a portable or permanent horse stall solution. Horse stall front provides optimal ventilation and interaction.












Horse Stall Grilled Partition are excellent stall separators that promote socialisation and ventilation.

Horse stall privacy partition gives the best of both world having all the benefits of promoting socialisation and ventilation, as well as giving the animals privacy between stalls.

Horse Stall Full Partition offers full privacy between horse stalls. The horse stall full partition is versatile and it can be used as a stall wall or for a variety of different rooms in your shed/barn.

The partition frames are hot dipped galvanised which gives it a longer lasting life and less maintenance.

Partitions are easily installed and come in a range of different designs.

Manufactured in Ireland to the highest standard.