Fully Hydraulic Hoof Crate



New Fully Hydraulic Hoof Crate gives you full control of the animal.

Fitted with a Hydraulic head gate and button controls to open/close head gate from the back/side of crate.

Belly band keeps the cow in position.

Hydraulic rump bar helps push the animal forward as it enters and prevents backing.

Hydraulic winches allows the operators to lift ea  ch leg easily.

Height-adjustable W shaped bar at rear helps to secure the hind legs and ensures maximum safety for the operator.

Wooden blocks help to position the front legs and keep them secure.

Side gates provide greater access when necessary.

Internal Dimensions:

  • Height: 1715mm
  • Width: 740mm
  • Length: 2200mm

External Dimensions:

  • Height: 2500mm
  • Width: 856mm
  • Length: 3354mm