Squeeze Crush is designed to suit herds with a variety of cattle sizes. With the Squeeze controls on the side of the crush box allows any hand operation and increases efficiency. Provides full unrestricted access to the sides and neck of the animal. Warrior Head Gate and Beef Head Gate can be integrated into the design. Sliding back gate also […]

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: 20ft Mobile Cattle Crush

New Product 20ft Mobile Cattle Crush Full unrestricted access both sides of the 20ft mobile cattle crush. Forcing gate allows loading the crush from the side. Removing drawbar allows loading the crush from the rear. Hydraulic lift & lower using tractor hydraulics. Semi-Auto head gate  and crush back gate supplied as standard Kraiburg MONTA grip mat […]


MaxFeed Barrier is made up of bended plastic divides that enable the cow to reach out and increase their feed intake. The plastic divides are made with performance and cow welfare as the guiding principles. MaxFeed Barrier features a slight flex which allows for a natural feeding behaviour. Fully Galvanised Steel Frame Holds the plastic divisions. […]

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: 1.5 Tonne Controlled Feeder

Our New 1.5 Tonne Controlled Feeder is a very versatile product, suitable for feeding all sizes of stock, from calves to finishing bulls. The Restriction Guard on the feeder controls the rate of feed that they can access. Large lid allows it to be filled using a loader when in situ. Green cover deters pests stealing food. Stainless […]

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT:Hybrid Flex Cubicles

The Hybrid Flex Cubicle combines the flexibility of plastic and the stability of a steel structure. This unique combination delivers maximum comfort for the cow without compromising the strength of the cubicle. We bend the Plastic Pipe 180 Degrees at the end. This provides the optimum level of flexibility, whilst maintaining the strength of the […]